Artificial grass is the way to go for homeowners for so many reasons. It is cost-effective, requires little to no maintenance and maintains its stunning, emerald color. Above all, homeowners choose artificial grass for its durability. Synthetic turf can withstand almost any condition. From heavy foot traffic, pets attempting to dig holes, to the harshest of weather, SYNLawn artificial turf holds up!

Durable Enough for Kiddos 

Invite the whole neighborhood over for a playdate on your artificial grass! You won’t find any holes or divots in your turf after the little ones are done running around. No one will track mud or dirt into the house either. If you’re looking to install a playground for the kids, our grass is the perfect surface for that! Soft padding is installed under the turf so you’ll never have to worry about injuries and our state-of-the-art technology maintains cooler temperatures so your kids will be able to play all year-round.


Durable Enough for Pets

Mischievous puppies are always a concern when thinking about landscaping. Our furry friends love to dig holes and roll around on the grass, wrecking natural grass beyond repair. The solution? Install synthetic turf! It’s safe for potty time so brown spots and odor aren’t an issue. Our grass is dig-proof as well, so you won’t have to worry about any bald spots or patches.

Durable Enough for Climate

Heat, cold, and rainfall are no match for synthetic turf. Your lawn will look equally as beautiful as when you installed it, despite unpredictable weather during the year. Natural grass tends to cease to grow during the winter months and usually turns brown. Artificial grass will look lush and healthy throughout the colder periods.


Durable Enough for Parties

Throwing back yard parties is the best about having an outdoor space! Let us make the cleanup process so much easier so you can fully enjoy time with friends and family. Feel free to set up chairs and tables on your turf since they won’t leave any creases and any spills that might happen are a breeze to clean. Simply spray away and you’re good to go, no stains left behind.


Durable Enough for Sports

A friendly game of backyard football and soccer is always a good idea…when you have the right type of grass. Artificial grass is much more reliable and cushioned than natural grass so rough house, tumble, and dive away!

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