Friends barbecue on an artificial grass lawnBackyard entertaining is one of the many reasons summer is beloved by so many. Warm weather brings with it days spent outdoors playing, swimming, barbequing, and entertaining friends and family! Whether you have a giant backyard or a small, intimate space, there are so many ways to make your summer party unforgettable.

Backyard blowouts in Fresno and San Jose often include games, grills, pools, music, and fun. We are here to let you in on five of the biggest and best tips for your next summer barbeque. Read along to find out how you can leave your mark on summer by hosting the best party ever!

  1. Create a menu everyone will enjoy

We all love a grilled, juicy burger, but why stick with what is comfortable instead of going outside the box? Switch up the menu with chicken and veggie kabobs. Add grilled pineapple and roasted jalapeños for an extra kick. Offer cold pasta salad and fun, refreshing drinks to sip poolside.

One of our favorite ways to cool down is making fruit-infused ice cubes! Simply cut up strawberries, limes, lemons and any other summer fruit, stick in an ice cube tray, cover with water and freeze. Your guests will love each refreshing sip and will undoubtedly come back for more!

  1. Choose lawn games that have an easy set up and take down

Kids and adults will love some of the new oversized board games on the market. From giant chess to bocce ball, these games are easy to bring out, have minimal set up/break down and are fun for all ages! Create your own DIY slip-and-slide with an oversized tarp or grab the good old pigskin and toss the ball around the backyard while the food cooks.

Artificial grass is great for backyard games in Fresno because no matter how wet the ground gets from the pool or how hard the bocce ball hits, the grass will maintain its original shape and look beautiful all year round!

  1. Create a backyard layout that works best for entertaining

Creating a layout for backyard entertaining in Fresno or San Jose can be as easy as re-arranging chairs, but other times you will want to go the extra mile to consider your needs outside of summer. If you love music, install outdoor speakers that you can control through an app.

Artificial grass is especially important in San Jose and Fresno to help ward off insects like mosquitoes who love the moisture that results from watering the lawn.  Skip the sneezing with hypoallergenic synthetic grass in your Fresno backyard and avoid cuts, scuffs and bruises with soft, padded artificial grass.

  1. Create a theme for your backyard barbeque

Have a hankering for tacos? Throw out any traditional ideas you might have about what a barbeque should look like and create a unique theme that makes your barbeque party stand out from the rest. Whether you want to host a movie night with nachos, popcorn and kabobs or prefer a more traditional route of all-American treats, a creative theme, décor and menu will make for an unforgettable party.

  1. Install artificial grass before the summer hits

Our synthetic grass customers in San Jose and Fresno rave about their summer-ready grass that requires little-to-no maintenance. Skip the lawn mower, save water and create the look of year-round green grass with synthetic turf from SYNLawn. We all know how precious water is and that it shouldn’t be wasted on grass that needs continued seeding, reseeding, watering, and mowing.

Summer bliss starts with not even thinking about what your lawn needs. Instead, focus your time and energy playing with the kids, preparing for a party and enjoying beautiful summer weather. Call the artificial grass installation experts at (866) 775-5296 or contact us online today for a FREE consultation!