Artificial grass does not have to have an artificial look. Our synthetic turf is not the same plastic green outdoor carpeting you can buy off a roll at a hardware store. SYNLawn Fresno carries an innovative product that is engineered to look and perform like a real grass without the hassle or expense of mowing, trimming, fertilizing or watering. The artificial turf Fresno homeowners and commercial clients desire the most needs to meet certain criteria. Here are the top five things customers should look for when choosing from the artificial grass installers Fresno, CA has to offer.


The Look


Real grass has subtle color variations, new growth layering and thatch. Low-cost artificial grass does not have this. The synthetic turf Fresno customers look for is designed to look so real that neighbors can’t tell the difference. It is important that customers not only look for a luscious green color but also look for natural layering that is seen in real grass.




Artificial grass products need to hold up to years of wind, rain, the hot summer sun, and even the very rare dusting of snow that, though unusual for Fresno, is not impossible. It is also important to know that your artificial grass will not be damaged by animals, regardless of whether you have pets yourself. Ask to see photos of synthetic turf that has been in place for a few years before making a purchase. Better yet, customers should visit a commercial installation that uses the brand of synthetic grass they are interested in.




This is where the details are important. Before scheduling an artificial grass installation, potential customers should ask questions about the manufacturing process and read the fine print of a warranty. If the synthetic turf product is a quality product, then it should have a long warranty with installation that is backed by the company. Make sure that both the artificial grass itself and the professional installation are covered under this policy.




It is one thing to have synthetic turf installed at a residential home that will receive minimal traffic throughout the year. Artificial grass for commercial use must be a superior product, as it needs to hold up to the heavy use, like sport and playground activities as well as both human and animal use. SYNLawn Fresno offers artificial turf that is ASTM tested and uses IPEMA-certified installation standards for playgrounds. It takes the heavy use that would destroy natural grass, while creating a safer surface for groups that are susceptible to outdoor injuries, such as athletes and children. Commercial customers seeking artificial grass installers in Fresno, CA can rely on SYNLawn synthetic turf products for safety and longevity for commercial installations from putting greens to children play areas.


Trusted Name Brand


When commercial or residential synthetic turf customers are looking to get an area covered by artificial grass, it is important to find out who makes the product being installed. SYNLawn Fresno is closely involved in every step of the manufacturing process. It’s easy to maintain strict quality control when our turf if made right here in the United States. The manufacturing and installation methods are all according to our strict quality standards.


Residential and commercial customers looking for a state-of-the-art synthetic turf product that holds up to years of daily use and never needs mowing or watered should look to SYNLawn Fresno for the highest quality artificial grass and installation available. Manufactured to look and perform like a real grass without the hassle or expense of mowing, trimming, fertilizing or watering.  Contact us to schedule your free at-home consultation to find the product that best meets your residential or commercial needs.