Man swinging a golf club on the greens in Central CaliforniaNever stop growing and learning in the game of golf. Becoming a great golfer requires the right techniques and practice. San Jose artificial grass can help create the perfect greens for your practice! With these six steps, you can have the perfect golf swing that impresses anyone!

Step 1: first thing’s first: hand placement.  Hand placement is crucial. The higher the hands, the higher the ballflight; the lower the hands, the lower the ballflight. The height flexibility in the follow through is affected by hand placement. Ensure that hand placement is correct for your desired swing.


Step 2: the stance. Make sure that there is a shoulder-width gap for the positioning of the legs. Arms also play a large role in perfecting your stance. Arms should be freely able to hang in front of your body to bring the club through the impact zone and ensure that your body is not in the way.


Step 3: the power of the swing comes from the body. Always remember that to power the club, the arms and hands are not the source of power – it is the whole body. Move the club with your body and the swing will be at optimized power.


Step 3: the tempo. A swing can never be too slow, but the tempo should be perfect. The hands and body should be in sync to bring to fruition the fluid motion of the right tempo. It is crucial that everything is aligned to ensure the hands and body can square the club face to the correct line with just the right tempo.


Step 4: the top of the swing. The best step to remember is at the top of the swing. Turn, load and stop when your shoulder hits your chin. This step ensures that your shoulder turn is 90 degrees, no more, no less. This will keep your form exact.


Step 5: follow through with the swing. During the downswing, ensure that shifting weight from one side to the other is a smooth motion with your weight not extending beyond your feet. Swaying often occurs when shifting weight is not done with fluidity and one side bares more weight.


Step 6: be in the right headspace. Before, during and after the perfect swing, you have to be in the right headspace. Often, there is overthinking that takes place that can destroy the potential of the perfect swing. The best bet is to take a deep breath and keep your eye on the ball!


The recipe for perfection in your swing relies on these six steps. Now it is time to try them out and put them into practice! Practice anywhere, anytime you desire with a Central California golf and putting green!