Synthetic Grass installation in a backyard in Fresno, California

We know it can be hard to manage natural grass, especially in California. With artificial grass from SYNLawn Fresno, our installers can have your yard or commercial building looking pristine. With our help, you can save money, water and time by switching from natural sod to turf.

California has been experiencing a water crisis in recent years, which is why we’re dedicated to installing innovative products that help residents conserve water. When you install synthetic turf at your home or business, you can almost eliminate your outdoor water use! Whether you have a home, office space, hotel, apartment, driving range, etc. we have a solution for you. Let us help you get the look you want with an environmentally conscious product.

Options for Homeowners

Being a California resident, it can be hard to save water while also taking pride in your yard. To maintain a lush, green lawn in the California summers, a lot of water is required. With our SYNLawn artificial turf installation you can finally have your yard look great without wasting water.

We can custom fit turf to cater to your unique wants and needs. Keep all the features of the outdoors you love such as: gardens, patios, trees, bushes and flower beds, while saving you so a ton on your monthly water bill. We offer many different variations of synthetic grass so it can fit your yard perfectly with the right length and color. We can add in a backyard putting green, turf that is pet friendly, and even turf that is softer and safer for under the kids play area. These options will save you time and money so you can focus on the more important things in life.

Commercial Installations

We have worked with many different Fresno businesses to fit their landscaping needs perfectly. It can be hard maintaining a well-manicured lawn, especially in areas that have a lot of foot traffic or get used frequently. Synthetic grass is made to withstand the toughest challenges while maintaining a natural look, all year round. While you save on water and maintenance bills you will also be able to qualify for water rebates. You can see some of the wonderful things we have been able to do for some local businesses if you check out our photo gallery.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us when it is convenient for you. We would love to help you with you next project and help you start on a path of saving water, time, and money!