One of the most important parts of childhood is play. Parks, playgrounds, backyards, neighborhoods and recreation areas are all perfect places for a few rounds of tag. While these locations are fun for children, they are not created equally. Surfacing such as natural grass, pavement, and even gravel can be harsh on little feet. Synthetic grass or turf has become the preferred alternative for playground surfacing in the Fresno area. 

Eliminate Grass Stains

Kids of all ages are rough and tumble at one point or another and grass stains surface as a result of afternoon fun. As much as parents love to watch their children play football or tag, grass stains are one of the most difficult stains to get out of clothes.

Even mud is not a problem with synthetic turf. SYNLawn artificial grass is equipped with drainage at a rate of 30” per hour which results in dry grass that is safe for children to use. This will have parents celebrating on laundry day!

Softer Landings

Playground falls are bound to happen, but they don’t need to result in serious injury. Conventional grass occasionally has rocks or twigs hidden beneath the surface, which can result in serious playground injuries. Artificial turf, on the other hand, can be installed with thick padding underneath the grass in order to absorb falls and cushion children when the situation arises.

Padded playground systems are ASTM HIC tested and approved. We also have IPEMA-approved installation methods that help keep children safe, even if they fall from playground equipment. In the summer months, parents will appreciate our Omega Technology which keeps the grass cool in warmer months and gives a smooth surface for all kinds of playground activities.


Seasonal allergies are often triggered by natural grass and the pollen, which is abundantly dispersed in the air during season changes. Synthetic grass protects homeowners and playground enthusiasts from experiencing discomfort during seasonal allergies and acts as a barrier between pollen and playground. Give yourself a break in your own backyard by installing synthetic lawn to withstand seasonal changes and stay green year round.

Saves Time & Money

Save yourself time and money by installing artificial grass for your favorite Fresno playground. Watering is minimal. Many homeowners report water use reduction of over 50% after making the switch to SYNLawn. Routine clean-up is easy, and the lawn maintenance tools can be put away or sold for good.

The time, money and energy homeowners save with artificial turf are incredibly important. Instead of getting up early to mow the lawn, time is spent with family and friends. Instead of paying incredibly high water bills month to month, synthetic lawns are require a simple spray down once a week or less. Choosing to maintain less and enjoy more is truly the difference between synthetic and non-synthetic lawns. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of playground grass in your area.