Close up of artificial turf designed for athletic training.Did you know that at SYNLawn Central California we have synthetic turf specially designed for exercise and athletic training facilities? We know you need an athletic surface that works as hard as you do, no matter what you are training for. Your floor should always be safe and durable. A good track, training area and even weight room floor can make the difference between an injury or a great training experience.

Both our SpeedTurf™ and  TrackTurf™ products are created with 5mm rubber padding to help prevent injury. The artificial grass we provide for the central California area does not require infill either, allowing you to train without interference. Our synthetic turf is constructed with nylon fibers that are easy to clean and even help keep the area sanitary. This helps reduce the risk of infection to athletes so you can practice harder and longer. We have made sure that these surfaces have added shock absorption to go easy on your joints and to cushion falls. This makes our turf ideal for sports like soccer, track and field and other functional training activities.

Long Lasting

SpeedTurf and TrackTurf are both covered by our manufacturer’s warranty for nine years, no matter how rough practice gets. We can also easily replace certain sections of your turf that are prone to wear and tear –without having to replace the entire floor! Our team will work with you to best understand your individual flooring needs so we can design a system just for you. SYNLawn Central California is proud to offer custom designs and colors because your surroundings should help motivate your workout!

SYNLawn’s artificial athletic turf offers many benefits, including:

  • Reduced resistance and greater durability due to the nylon root zone
  • No seams at critical stress points, since lines are tufted into the turf
  • Withstands rigorous use and foot traffic

Our SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ provide environmental benefits due to reduced water usage. They also eliminate the need for a gas mower. This is especially important for the climate of Central California and will ultimately save you time and money. Our surfaces work for virtually any sport as well as indoor speed and weight training. Your indoor facility will also benefit from a synthetic turf surface that provides traction and is easy to run on. This makes for an easy transition for athletes who are accustomed to running on real grass.

Consider synthetic turf as a versatile surface for your athletic training area that promotes optimal performance. Contact us today for your free design consultation!