Californians are crazy about their dogs, and who can blame them? Dogs are famously known as Man’s (or Woman’s) best friend. No matter how many seconds, minutes or hours pass through the day, your dog is always excited and eager to greet you with some slobber and a goofy grin. Who doesn’t love that after a long day at work?

Since so many of us consider our pets family members, it makes sense to take care of them in the best way possible while we are away. Thankfully, living in sunny Fresno and Central California has plenty of perks for our furry companions, including allowing all of the precious pooches in our lives to spend time outdoors without harsh environmental conditions impeding their happiness. Installing artificial pet grass at your Fresno home is a great way to keep your dog(s) entertained and keeps the mess out of your home when you return.

Build a backyard oasis for your dog using SYNLawn

Each pet has specific needs that can be addressed with an artificial grass installation technician upon request. SYNLawn will design a functional and unique space to cater to your needs as well as embody a comfortable, playful space for your dog to roam about while you are inside or away.  Whether you want to install a plot around a wall, synthetic grass close to gate or around a planter, our designs will give you exactly what you want while meeting your pet’s basic needs.

Lose the muddy paws

Dog runs made with non-synthetic grass are not optimal places for dogs when it is pouring rain. It takes much longer for water to drain through and dry non-synthetic grass when compared to synthetic turf. That means after a storm or consecutive days of rainy weather, you will have to wipe your dog’s paws dry and clean after each and every trip outside.

Synthetic grass in a dog run combats this problem with full force. SYNLawn’s artificial turf has a drainage rate of 30-inches of rain (or other liquid) per hour! Forget the towel at the door; with artificial turf you no longer have to worry about keeping your dog happy and your house clean.

Choose which synthetic lawn works for you and your dog 

 From odor control to pest control, choose a synthetic lawn that works best for your new dog run. We offer a variety of synthetic turf products and each lawn type has a unique, high-quality standard that will fit the needs of you and your pet. If you have multiple pets using your dog run and prefer a lawn with more absorbency, SYNLawn has multiple choices to cater to your design standard and personal needs. With a synthetic lawn, you no longer have to worry about brown spots in your grass, pests, odors, moles, and rodents, holes in the yard or excessive mud. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing your home is protected against your dog’s destructive tendencies while staying safe, dry and entertained in your dog run while you are away.

Contact us today and talk about possible options, designs and lawns that will fit you and your pet’s needs!