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    How to Choose the Right Synthetic Grass Company

    Choosing to make the switch to synthetic grass is a big step! It’s important to know that you are trusting the right company to install a residential lawn in your Fresno home that is both durable and beautiful to look at. With SYNLawn installation, you will always be receiving quality attention from our team and state-of-the-art products. Our synthetic grass will transform not only the look of your home but will also improve your overall quality of life.

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    5 Reasons to Make the Switch to Artificial Grass

    There are so many reasons to install synthetic grass in your Fresno residence this season, especially if you are choosing to spend the upcoming months at home. Transform your outdoor area into an oasis for your family to spend time in and enjoy the beautiful weather. SYNLawn installation will elevate the pre-existing design of your backyard and greatly increase the value of your home.

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    Increase Safety In Your Yard with Playground Turf

    Synthetic grass lawns are a huge selling point for homeowners for so many reasons. This is a very important factor for new families that have children on the way and want a safe place for them to play and have fun. A natural, unkempt yard can be unsightly and could create hazards for a child to play in. Such hazards might include: holes in the grass that children could trip on, puddles that could attract mosquitoes or contain harmful bacteria, or weeds and certain plants that could cause allergic reactions. You can avoid all these issues by installing playground grass from SYNLawn®!

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    Unique Uses for Artificial Grass

    There are so many things to do with synthetic grass in your Fresno home, beyond the usual uses. Artificial grass take can many forms in your space, all it takes is a little imagination! Many homeowners love turf for uses such as residential lawns, playground surfaces, and putting greens. These are all wonderful ways to implement synthetic grass into your home, but we’ve compiled a list of out of the box uses for our state-of-the-art turf that will elevate your space!

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    Top 6 Causes of Backyard Fires: Keep Your Turf Safe!

    If there’s one thing every Californian can agree on, it’s the importance of fire safety. That’s why SYNLawn’s synthetic, artificial grass is Fresno’s most trusted source of backyard turf! Summer nights are fun, but it doesn’t take much to turn a quiet evening into a horrific disaster. Read on to learn the most common causes of backyard fires:

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    An artificial putting green in a Fresno backyard with a pool.

    Elevate Your Yard with an Artificial Grass Putting Green

    Now that your grass is ready to bask in the sun again, it’s time to elevate your Fresno backyard with an artificial putting green! Whether you are looking to become a golf-pro or have a fun, built-in activity to do with your friends and family, a synthetic turf putting green will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Our greens are made from the best materials and will provide you with high-quality entertainment for years to come.

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    A synthetic grass lawn in a Fresno backyard.

    Make Installing Synthetic Grass a 2020 Resolution

    Start 2020 on the right foot by installing a synthetic grass lawn in your Fresno home! There are so many reasons to make the switch and what better time to renew your outdoor space than the new year? The benefits of having an artificial grass lawn in California are invaluable. SYNLawn installation will greatly increase the value of your home with a state-of-the-art drainage system, durability, and HeatBlock Technology. Read why synthetic grass will set you up for success and a stress-free year.

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