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    How To Help the Environment with Artificial Grass

    Making the switch to synthetic turf makes environmental sense as a California resident. The water waste and chemicals necessary to maintain a green lawn just aren’t worth it, not to mention the noxious gases being emitted into the atmosphere from gas-fired mowers and blowers.

    Artificial grass installation is a simple way for Fresno homeowners to do their part in helping the world around you, plus your outdoor space will look spiffy all year round. Here are just a few ways synthetic turf will improve your quality of life and reduce your carbon footprint.

    Water conservation:

    Real grass needs constant watering to remain lush and green. Water can be scarce during the Summer months in California which means your lawn will suffer. Switching to synthetic grass almost eliminates your outdoor water usage, saving thousands of gallons of water.

    No Contamination:

    Commercial landscaping is a big culprit of water consumption and much of that water has been contaminated with chemicals due to pesticides in soil. Synthetic turf is never toxic. It doesn’t attract any pests, weeds, or bugs, so there is no need to use dangerous or life-threatening chemicals. You end up protecting your drinking water, pets, and family.


    Grass clippings are one of the main sources of waste that clogs landfills and recycling facilities. You won’t have to worry about this with SYNLawn Fresno products since no mowing or other maintenance is required.

    Fewer Chemicals

    We know that when fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers are used, most of the product soaks into the ground and contaminates the water supply. Lawnmowers and blowers are also large pollutants. The use of these fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect by absorbing infrared radiation and carbon dioxide.

    Don’t Stop Here!

    Why limit yourself to one eco-friendly decision? Consider implementing sustainable elements everywhere in your space. You can even use recycled materials while designing your backyard to further improve your carbon footprint and add personality to your home.

    Having a beautiful, luscious looking lawn all year-round while helping the planet is a win-win situation. Contact SYNLawn Fresno today for a free consultation!


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    Artificial Grass Installations in Fresno

    Synthetic Grass installation in a backyard in Fresno, California

    We know it can be hard to manage natural grass, especially in California. With artificial grass from SYNLawn Fresno, our installers can have your yard or commercial building looking pristine. With our help, you can save money, water and time by switching from natural sod to turf.

    California has been experiencing a water crisis in recent years, which is why we’re dedicated to installing innovative products that help residents conserve water. When you install synthetic turf at your home or business, you can almost eliminate your outdoor water use! Whether you have a home, office space, hotel, apartment, driving range, etc. we have a solution for you. Let us help you get the look you want with an environmentally conscious product.

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    Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Athletic Training Facilities




    Close up of artificial turf designed for athletic training.Did you know that at SYNLawn Central California we have synthetic turf specially designed for exercise and athletic training facilities? We know you need an athletic surface that works as hard as you do, no matter what you are training for. Your floor should always be safe and durable. A good track, training area and even weight room floor can make the difference between an injury or a great training experience.

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    SYNLawn Artificial Grass Can Help Seasonal Allergies

    Happy family laying outside on their lawn.Did you know that installing an artificial grass landscape at your Fresno based home or business can help reduce your seasonal allergies? Spring may bring warmer weather and gorgeous flowers, but it also brings stuffy noses, scratchy throats and red, puffy eyes. Are you one of the millions of individuals that suffer from seasonal allergies? Pollen from grass can wreak havoc for people with allergies. In order to eliminate unnecessary allergens from your home or business, consider an artificial grass lawn. Then the kids can run, play and even roll around on your lawn without suffering from allergy symptoms.

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    Why Playground Turf is The Best Option for Your Backyard

    Artifical backyard lawnWhen it comes to your child’s playtime, there is no better surface for playgrounds and swing sets than artificial turf. Fresno families know how important outside playtime is for kids. While they are playing, you want them to have fun but also be safe. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between the two when you choose artificial turf for your playground from SYNLawn Central California.

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    Bring your Golf Game Home With You!

    Backyard artificial putting green in Fresno, CAEvery golfer knows that the best way to perfect their golf game is by improving their short game. That’s where we come in. SYNLawn Fresno brings practice putting greens right to your backyard. You can install your personal artificial grass putting green in your backyard today. SYNLawn Central California has worked with profession golfer Dave Pelz and have developed an exclusive putting green system that will help golfers boost their game.

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    Prepare Your Home & Garden for Winter

    Gardening gloves and small tools on a background of artificial grass.Synthetic grass is a great option in Fresno during the winter months. Special care is needed to properly maintain your home and garden during this time. There are so many colorful plant and décor options that are unique to the winter season. Let a synthetic grass installation from SYNLawn Fresno make your winter landscaping simple and easy. Read on for some helpful suggestions to plant a healthy winter garden and improve curb appeal.

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    Boost Your Business! Commercial Benefits of Artificial Grass

    Commercial artificial grass park installation with GazeboSYNLawn commercial artificial grass is a cost-effective solution for businesses in Fresno and across Central California. Our commercial artificial grass landscapes provide unique benefits for storefronts, housing communities, playgrounds and event venues alike in Fresno. Your synthetic turf needs to be reliable — just like the services your business provides. SYNLawn synthetic turf products are made specifically to withstand heavy foot traffic and lots of wear and tear while maintaining a perfectly manicured look all year round.

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    SYNLawn is Fresno’s Only USDA-Certified Artificial Grass!

    A hand holding a red, velvet heart over artificial grassThe world is our playground, let’s take care of it! Homeowners all over the Fresno area are installing synthetic grass — and not just because it looks nice. Each space that is filled with SYNLawn artificial grass looks naturally lush and green, but there is even more to it. SYNLawn is the only USDA-certified turf on the market today, which brings about peace knowing that you are making a positive impact on the environment. Fresno and Central California residents know the importance of eco-friendly products and we do too.

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    6 Steps to the Perfect Golf Swing

    Man swinging a golf club on the greens in Central CaliforniaNever stop growing and learning in the game of golf. Becoming a great golfer requires the right techniques and practice. San Jose artificial grass can help create the perfect greens for your practice! With these six steps, you can have the perfect golf swing that impresses anyone!

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