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    How to Choose the Right Turf for Your San Jose Home

    Front yard of San Jose home with artificial grass installedWhen choosing landscaping materials for your San Jose home, there a few things to consider before beginning. In recent years, artificial grass has become a staple in drought-friendly landscaping designs, which are heavily favored by California residents who are affected by drought. Installing artificial grass can greatly benefit homeowners but choosing the right system for your needs can be tricky. Let the turf experts at SYNLawn of Central California help you make the right choice.

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    Summer Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids

    Kids laying on artificial grass in Fresno, CaliforniaSummer is right around the corner and, for California residents and their families, this means plenty of time spent outdoors. Installing synthetic grass can help protect kids at your home, but there are other steps to take to make sure your kids are safe this summer when playing outdoors. Follow our tips to have a fun and safe summer.

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    How to Care for Your Synthetic Grass

    Man cleaning leaves from artificial grassMany homeowners are choosing to install synthetic grass to enhance their Fresno homes because it is a low-maintenance landscaping option. Small amounts of upkeep are involved to keep your lawn looking its best, but maintenance is limited to occasional watering and brushing. This maintenance routine is eco-friendly and easy to complete with just a few minutes each week. Caring for your artificial lawn is easy! Here’s what you need to know.

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    Artificial Grass Provides Relief to Hay Fever Sufferers

    Allergies affect an estimated 50 million people across the US, with hay fever being one of the most common forms of allergy.  The onset of spring brings an end to winter weather, but also sparks the growth of all manner of plant life. While beautiful to look at, all the new greenery can make allergy sufferers miserable. If you’re one of millions that experience the itchy eyes, swollen sinuses and sneezing of the allergy season, we have good news for you! One simple change to your backyard could alleviate your hay fever symptoms, allowing you to finally enjoy the warm weather and sunny sights of spring. That change, of course, is an artificial grass installation from SYNLawn of Fresno.

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    Tips to Improve the Look of Your Backyard

    A backyard is place where you and your family and friends can get together to spend quality time. It shouldn’t become the part of your home you avoid, either because it has nothing to offer or because of the amount of maintenance it needs to keep it looking presentable.  Here are five landscaping features we recommend to improve the look of your backyard and inspire hours of fun family bonding time.

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    5 Ways Artificial Grass Can Improve Your Fresno Home

    shutterstock_160071032-1California has been hit hard by the drought and some areas are resorting to water restrictions, regulating how much water each household can use. Deciding to invest in artificial grass has many environmental benefits, and the financial incentives are quite good, as well. Ask anyone who spends any amount of time on home improvement projects and they will tell you that artificial grass was the best investment they could make. The purchase and installation of artificial turf is no different than painting the walls or installing granite counter tops; the amount of money you save over the course of the turf’s lifespan more than makes up for the initial investment.

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