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    Beat the Heat this Summer with HeatBlock™ Technology

    Dog feet on artificial grass in Fresno, CACalifornia summers are known for warm temperatures, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the weather. In the past, synthetic grass installations in Fresno would have been too warm under the hot sun to enjoy. Thankfully, SYNLawn has developed state-of-the-art technology to keep surface temperatures down even if your grass is installed in direct sunlight. Keep reading to learn how this technology works and benefits you and your family.

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    Artificial Turf Your Pets Will Love

    Dog Sitting on GrassLoving your pets means doing just about anything to keep them safe and happy. Making the choice to install artificial pet turf is one of the best ways for Fresno homeowners to keep pets healthy while maintaining the aesthetics of your home. Pets love artificial grass because it feels and acts just like the real thing.

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    How to Make the Best Dog Run in Fresno, CA

    Californians are crazy about their dogs, and who can blame them? Dogs are famously known as Man’s (or Woman’s) best friend. No matter how many seconds, minutes or hours pass through the day, your dog is always excited and eager to greet you with some slobber and a goofy grin. Who doesn’t love that after a long day at work?

    Since so many of us consider our pets family members, it makes sense to take care of them in the best way possible while we are away. Thankfully, living in sunny Fresno and Central California has plenty of perks for our furry companions, including allowing all of the precious pooches in our lives to spend time outdoors without harsh environmental conditions impeding their happiness. Installing artificial pet grass at your Fresno home is a great way to keep your dog(s) entertained and keeps the mess out of your home when you return.

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    4 Perks of SYNLawn Fresno’s Pet Turf

    Labrador puppy sits on artificial pet turf in FresnoSYNLawn Fresno knows that every pet owner has different needs. Supplying your pet with a great outdoor space is important for their health and well-being. Owning a pet doesn’t mean you have to give up having a luscious lawn, which is why we created a line of pet turf that accommodates the desires of you and your furry friends. Our pet systems are guaranteed to combat undesirable pet behaviors like digging that happens so often with natural grass.

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    Eco-Friendly Pet Turf for Spring

    shutterstock_286021724When you make a decision about your home, it doesn’t just impact you – it also impacts your pet. Now that spring is here, chances are both you and your pet will spend plenty of quality time together out in the sun. It is that much more important to make informed decisions about products your pet is exposed to. Little paws come into contact with the ground, which can carry dirt, chemicals or pests just waiting to make a meal of your furry friend. Protect your pet with the safest artificial pet grass from SYNLawn Fresno!

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    The Artificial Pet Turf Trend Sweeping Fresno

    There is no better grass expert than those who walk on four legs. California pet owners are turning more and more to SYNLawn Fresno for pet-friendly backyard landscaping and grass solutions. With drainage rates of 30-inches per hour and lush, green grass year-round, many homeowners take comfort in the concept that curb appeal doesn’t require hours of yard work. Seeding, weeding and mowing are a thing of the past with our wide variety of pet-friendly synthetic grass in Fresno, CA.shutterstock_231023848

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