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    10 Tips to Save Water This Summer

    Person spraying a garden hose outside in San Jose, CAIt’s no secret that California‘s drought affects everyone in the state. It’s vital that we work to conserve water all year long, but even more so during the summer. In these warmer months, we may find ourselves doing more laundry, taking more showers and watering our lawns far more often. At SYNLawn Central California, we’re dedicated to providing products that promote eco-friendly lifestyles and water-saving habits. We are proud to carry synthetic turf that allows San Jose residents to easily conserve water without a second thought. Installing drought-free landscape is only the first step. We encourage homeowners to take a look at how they use water during the summer and make adjustments to conserve as much water as possible.

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    Environmental Benefits of Synthetic Grass

    Homeowners all over the Fresno area are installing synthetic grass, and not just because it looks nice. Sure, synthetic grass is green and lush, but there are far more benefits than aesthetics. Homeowners that are looking to add curb appeal and value to their home can do so in an environmentally-friendly way by adding SYNLawn Central California’s synthetic grass to their home.

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    7 Outdoor Water-Saving Tips for Summer

    Artificial grass is a great way to save water in FresnoIt comes as no surprise that the average household often consumes more than double the water during the summer months. This is largely due to landscaping and irrigation, as everybody wants to have a lush, green lawn. As your water consumption increases, so too does your monthly utility bill. Fortunately, there are alternatives you can explore that help reduce monthly water costs while still enjoying the benefits of a beautiful yard all year long. One of the most impactful options is installation of a synthetic grass lawn at your home in Fresno. Other water-saving ideas focus on water use for potted plants or flower beds in your yard. Here are a few tips on how to save water – and money – this summer.


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    Landscaping Without Grass This Spring

    shutterstock_396062272Natural grass is high-maintenance. It requires tributes be paid every week in the form of your time, energy and finances – after all, you are the one who pays for fertilizer, gardening tools and chemicals to keep pests away. Even then, there is no guarantee your grass will stay green. Seasonal drought, excessive sun or even just finicky grass can all result in brown, crunchy lawns. It’s only reasonable to look for other solutions to save on time and beautify your yard. Fortunately, we have the perfect set of ideas for you to consider this spring!

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    Eco-Friendly Pet Turf for Spring

    shutterstock_286021724When you make a decision about your home, it doesn’t just impact you – it also impacts your pet. Now that spring is here, chances are both you and your pet will spend plenty of quality time together out in the sun. It is that much more important to make informed decisions about products your pet is exposed to. Little paws come into contact with the ground, which can carry dirt, chemicals or pests just waiting to make a meal of your furry friend. Protect your pet with the safest artificial pet grass from SYNLawn Fresno!

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    Fresno, CA Water Rebates: How Our Artificial Turf Can Help

    shutterstock_224627701California is the nation’s leader in green measures. When it comes to going green, SYNLawn Fresno’s clients are at the forefront of environmental knowledge and eco-friendly measures to conserve resources and protect the planet for future generations. This is how we know Fresno residents, of all people, understand the severity of the water crisis and the importance of using environmentally-friendly products in their everyday lives.

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