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    Benefits of Artificial Playground Turf

    One of the most important parts of childhood is play. Parks, playgrounds, backyards, neighborhoods and recreation areas are all perfect places for a few rounds of tag. While these locations are fun for children, they are not created equally. Surfacing such as natural grass, pavement, and even gravel can be harsh on little feet. Synthetic grass or turf has become the preferred alternative for playground surfacing in the Fresno area. 

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    How to Transform Your Fresno Patio into an Oasis

    Rooftop Patio with Artificial GrassMany Fresno residents don’t have a sprawling yard with space to install synthetic grass. However, with a little imagination and some artificial grass, a small area like a patio can be transformed into your own private garden oasis. Artificial turf is more versatile than you would think and can be installed in a variety of places including a patio, deck, or even a roof.

    City dwellers know that these smaller areas are precious outdoor space. With the help of SYNLawn Fresno, these spaces can truly be transformed into your own private escape. These revamped outdoor spaces make great places to entertain guests outside. You could even add misters to keep your patio cool in the summertime.

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    7 Outdoor Water-Saving Tips for Summer

    Artificial grass is a great way to save water in FresnoIt comes as no surprise that the average household often consumes more than double the water during the summer months. This is largely due to landscaping and irrigation, as everybody wants to have a lush, green lawn. As your water consumption increases, so too does your monthly utility bill. Fortunately, there are alternatives you can explore that help reduce monthly water costs while still enjoying the benefits of a beautiful yard all year long. One of the most impactful options is installation of a synthetic grass lawn at your home in Fresno. Other water-saving ideas focus on water use for potted plants or flower beds in your yard. Here are a few tips on how to save water – and money – this summer.


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    5 Summer Barbecue Ideas from SYNLawn

    Friends barbecue on an artificial grass lawnBackyard entertaining is one of the many reasons summer is beloved by so many. Warm weather brings with it days spent outdoors playing, swimming, barbequing, and entertaining friends and family! Whether you have a giant backyard or a small, intimate space, there are so many ways to make your summer party unforgettable.

    Backyard blowouts in Fresno and San Jose often include games, grills, pools, music, and fun. We are here to let you in on five of the biggest and best tips for your next summer barbeque. Read along to find out how you can leave your mark on summer by hosting the best party ever!

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    How to Make the Best Dog Run in Fresno, CA

    Californians are crazy about their dogs, and who can blame them? Dogs are famously known as Man’s (or Woman’s) best friend. No matter how many seconds, minutes or hours pass through the day, your dog is always excited and eager to greet you with some slobber and a goofy grin. Who doesn’t love that after a long day at work?

    Since so many of us consider our pets family members, it makes sense to take care of them in the best way possible while we are away. Thankfully, living in sunny Fresno and Central California has plenty of perks for our furry companions, including allowing all of the precious pooches in our lives to spend time outdoors without harsh environmental conditions impeding their happiness. Installing artificial pet grass at your Fresno home is a great way to keep your dog(s) entertained and keeps the mess out of your home when you return.

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    Prepare Your Fresno Home for Drought

    Have you been fighting to keep your lawn alive in the years-long California drought? Drought is a constant threat throughout California, including Fresno, and even one or two rainy seasons is not enough to spare homeowners the eventual browning of the landscape.

    Artificial grass installation is an excellent way to prepare your Fresno home for drought. Installing synthetic turf saves time, money and especially water. It also keeps homes and neighborhoods looking beautiful while keeping harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and lawnmower exhaust out of the environment. Take a look at some of the benefits of installing an artificial lawn.

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    Artificial Grass Provides Relief to Hay Fever Sufferers

    Allergies affect an estimated 50 million people across the US, with hay fever being one of the most common forms of allergy.  The onset of spring brings an end to winter weather, but also sparks the growth of all manner of plant life. While beautiful to look at, all the new greenery can make allergy sufferers miserable. If you’re one of millions that experience the itchy eyes, swollen sinuses and sneezing of the allergy season, we have good news for you! One simple change to your backyard could alleviate your hay fever symptoms, allowing you to finally enjoy the warm weather and sunny sights of spring. That change, of course, is an artificial grass installation from SYNLawn of Fresno.

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    Tips to Improve the Look of Your Backyard

    A backyard is place where you and your family and friends can get together to spend quality time. It shouldn’t become the part of your home you avoid, either because it has nothing to offer or because of the amount of maintenance it needs to keep it looking presentable.  Here are five landscaping features we recommend to improve the look of your backyard and inspire hours of fun family bonding time.

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    5 Ways Artificial Grass Can Improve Your Fresno Home

    shutterstock_160071032-1California has been hit hard by the drought and some areas are resorting to water restrictions, regulating how much water each household can use. Deciding to invest in artificial grass has many environmental benefits, and the financial incentives are quite good, as well. Ask anyone who spends any amount of time on home improvement projects and they will tell you that artificial grass was the best investment they could make. The purchase and installation of artificial turf is no different than painting the walls or installing granite counter tops; the amount of money you save over the course of the turf’s lifespan more than makes up for the initial investment.

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    4 Perks of SYNLawn Fresno’s Pet Turf

    Labrador puppy sits on artificial pet turf in FresnoSYNLawn Fresno knows that every pet owner has different needs. Supplying your pet with a great outdoor space is important for their health and well-being. Owning a pet doesn’t mean you have to give up having a luscious lawn, which is why we created a line of pet turf that accommodates the desires of you and your furry friends. Our pet systems are guaranteed to combat undesirable pet behaviors like digging that happens so often with natural grass.

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