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    5 Ways to Improve Your Backyard Today

    shutterstock_155205341Life is too short for a boring backyard. There is no reason to tolerate empty space with a carpet of brown grass and a few droopy flowers scattered across a backdrop of peeling paint and tacky fixtures. The dead space in your backyard is actually more than an eyesore and a waste of space: boring backyards repel people. There’s a reason friends opted out of that summer barbeque this year and (thankfully) it wasn’t personal; backyards need to be inviting to attract company. Spruce up your bland space with some attractive features that will make you and your friends actually want to go outside this fall!

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    4 Benefits of Nylon Grass Fibers in Fresno Artificial Lawns

    shutterstock_59018779SYNLawn leads the industry in creating quality artificial grass designed to last a lifetime. In our search for the perfect grass fibers for Fresno commercial lawns, our team of experts realized there is only one material that offers the strength and performance our corporate clients have come to expect from SYNLawn Fresno: nylon. The SYNLawn “nylon advantage” combines the durability of our grass fibers with quality backing to provide the natural look and feel the whole team will appreciate!

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    Fresno, CA Water Rebates: How Our Artificial Turf Can Help

    shutterstock_224627701California is the nation’s leader in green measures. When it comes to going green, SYNLawn Fresno’s clients are at the forefront of environmental knowledge and eco-friendly measures to conserve resources and protect the planet for future generations. This is how we know Fresno residents, of all people, understand the severity of the water crisis and the importance of using environmentally-friendly products in their everyday lives.

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    5 Reasons to Exercise with SYNLawn

    Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.07.32 PMAthletes know every practice is the most important practice; skipping one training session or using low-quality equipment could be the difference between standing in the victor’s circle and going home. It is important to care for your training equipment and surfaces just as you would your own body: with a little TLC and some help from the experts. SYNLawn Fresno believes your exercise surface should work as hard as you do, which is why we developed specially-designed turf for increased safety and performance.

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    Improve Your Golf Game with Home Putting Greens

    shutterstock_256146874California’s gorgeous weather year-round creates an ideal environment to hone your golf skills. There is nothing quite like an afternoon in the sunshine chipping golf balls across the greens or getting a highly sought-after hole-in-one. This time-honored tradition has only been improved by time, and with modern synthetic grass technologies, your golf game can become better than ever. Whether it’s a professional golf course with heavy foot traffic or a home putting green used for short games with your friends, SYNLawn Fresno has synthetic grass solutions specifically designed for your needs.

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    INTRODUCING SpeedTurf and TrackTurf

    SpeedTurf-Green-White-881x572    TrackTurf-Red-Black

    SYNLawn’s newest material is designed specifically for athletic agility and training, introducing SpeedTurf and TrackTrack.  These new artificial grass products are created with the athlete in mind. Perfect for rigorous workouts, as well as helping prevent common athletic injuries.

    speed-turf-for-agility-training     Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.07.32 PM

    Both products are constructed with a low pile blended polyethylene and nylon with a 5mm foam back. This provides a surface that is less abrasive and results in less friction than competitor’s products that only use nylon. The products are created with innovative shock absorbency designed to reduce impact.  SpeedTurf and TrackTurf use a reinforced foam base layer that offers superior protection against jolts and reduces lower back fatigue, muscular exhaustion, shin splints, and other chronic injuries that can be caused by improper shock absorption.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.08.39 PM    Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.07.07 PM

    The distinctive blended turf allows sleds and other weight-training objects to slide easily across its surface.  SpeedTurf and TrackTurf products are non-infill, which makes for a much cleaner surface.  The surface is easy to clean and disinfect, dramatically reducing the risk of staph infections and mold growth.  With the growing popularity in smaller scale gyms and personalized training the need for proper floor surfacing is in high demand.  SYNLawn’s brand new artificial grass products are leading the way in creating the perfect product for athletic floor surfacing.  With color options and customized logos, SpeedTurf and TrackTrack are ideal for any athletic agility and training facility.

    Call our office today to lean more… 559.472.3454

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    Who we are…

    SYNLawn is both a company and a brand-name representing quality craftsmanship in the emerging artificial landscape grass industry. SYNLawn is a world-wide company with our international headquarters based in Dalton, GA (USA), where our parent company has produced synthetic turf products since 1965. SYNLawn is a recognized as the first name in synthetic lawn grass for residential and commercial landscaping applications. SYNLawn is synthetic lawn.


    While SYNLawn’s brand name have existed for commercial and residential applications for only the last decade, our family of artificial turf products have been manufactured and distributed under the AstroTurf brand name to professional and collegiate organizations around the globe since 1965. The inventors of synthetic grass, AstroTurf are one of the most iconic brands in sports — as legendary as the athletes who have battled on it. SYNLawn, the brand that created the synthetic lawn category remains the leading innovator in artificial grass products for your commercial and residential applications.


    As for SYNLawn of Central California, Inc., we opened our doors in January 2006.  While being family owned and operated we strive to make quality craftsmanship and customer service our number one priorities.  Matt Price and Blaine McQuown (brother in-laws) started the company and we have been very blessed to watch our “baby” grow from the ground up.  We believe in performing good and honest business and we strive to do just that. We serve all of Central California, including Kern, Stanislaus, Santa Clara, San Luis Obispo and every county in between.  We currently run four installation crews with installers whom have been with SYNLawn, installing synthetic grass for over 8 years.  We are proud to say that all of our installers are truly talented and have perfected their craft.


    We specialize specifically in artificial grass.  Residential landscapes, pet areas, playgrounds, putting greens and commercial applications we do it all.  Every job is unique.  The customer can be as involved as they would like or we can come in from start to finish and take care of everything, including removing your old grass.  Give us a call or stop by or showroom, we would love to talk to you about your exact needs and how we can include SYNLawn in your landscaping. 559.472.3454

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    Earth Friendly and Water Friendly

    SYNLawn goes a long way toward environmental sustainability, taking measurable steps to be truly “green”.  Made in the USA, our bio-based products are 100% recyclable, using renewable and recycled materials during the manufacturing process.  Using SYNLawn can reduce your carbon footprint by conserving water, eliminating emissions from lawn equipment, and lowering the impact on landfills due to it’s long life expectancy.

    Earth Friendly:  100% Recyclable – Reduces Fuel Consumption – Reduces Carbon Emmisions


    SYNLawn’s exclusive EnviroLoc Backing System has an enhanced multilayer component system that “locks” in durable turf fibers, extending the product’s life cycle.  Engineered using BioCel technology, the EnviroLoc Backing System replaces a large portion of petroleum-based polymers with bio-based polyers created from soybean plants (a rapidly renewable resource), then adds Celceram (a recycled product of coal combustion) for superior strength and dimensional stability.  Together these bio-based technologies provide an environmentally responsible approach to artificial grass that conserves Earth’s natural resources and will look great for years to come.

    Water Friendly: Saves Millions of Gallons – Drains Like Natural Grass – Reduces Maintenance Costs

    For environmentally conscious builders and specifiers, SYNLawn offers water efficient landscaping products using recycled content, renewable materials and innovative design which can contribute points to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project certification.

    To begin your part in becoming earth and water conscious please call our office today… 559.472.3454

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    Why Buy American Made?


    Made in the USA.

    This may be a statement or slogan that you see quite often.  Does it really matter that you buy American made?  Easy answer.  YES.

    Can you get a cheaper product from a company that sends its money and workload overseas? Yes.  Will it be of the same quality that SYNLawn or any other USA made product obtains?  No.

    When you buy American made, you are not only supporting American manufacturers, but your fellow American workers, safe working conditions and child labor laws.  We truly don’t know how products are made or handled overseas.  US manufacturing is much cleaner for the environment, which should be quite important since you are buying artificial grass to do just that… save water and reduce the emissions that the normal lawn mower put off.

    Personally we have seen very poor artificial grass products coming from overseas.  Most non-American made products are made with a latex backing, which under any harsh weather conditions can deteriorate very quickly.  Excess heat or cold can cause the latex products problems.  We have also seen poor fiber structure, meaning the blades of the turf are pulled out easily.  Another question… how about the warranty?  Who knows how well the “manufacturer backed warranty” will stand with an overseas company.

    We truly believe in America and American made products.  We strive to make the best synthetic turf products for our consumers.  SYNLawn’s headquarters in based in Dalton GA, where our parent company has been producing synthetic turf products since 1965.

    Watch this video to see how SYNLawn is made.  100% USA made!

    Call our office to find out more 559.472.3454

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    Top 10 reasons why SYNLawn can make your summer better.

    1. No more mowing your natural grass in the 100+ degree heat.  SYNLawn, obviously, requires no mowing and very little maintenance.


    2. No more worrying about keeping your grass green in the warm months between June and September.  SYNLawn is green all year long and will stay that way for many years to come.

    3. Slip and slide your way into a soft plush surface rather than a water filled mud pit that your natural grass accumulates. With drainage holes every 4-6” SYNLawn drains about 30” per hour, so you won’t have to worry about any flooding.

    4. Sleep below the stars, minus the creepy critters.  SYNLawn is uninhabitable for tics, fleas and other bugs, which makes for a much more enjoyable nights sleep.

    5. No more grass stains.  Mom forget the Spray and Wash.  Kids can jump, roll, fall and crawl their way around without the infamous grass stains becoming a problem.


    6. No more allergies.  No more itchy eyes, runny noses or sneezing.  Relax and play outside without the worries of allergies caused by natural grass.

    7. Expect a cleaner swimming pool.  With SYNLawn you don’t have to worry about grass clippings or dirt making its way into the pool.


    8. Enjoy your “staycation” more than ever.  Relaxing in your own home while enjoying a beautiful backyard paradise.  Green grass that you don’t have to mow or take care of is a vacation in itself.

    9. A summer picnic is cleaner than ever, plus no more complaints from itchy legs from the kids.  SYNLawn is much cleaner than natural grass and if something is spilt, just rinse it off.  It’s that easy.

    10. Save on water.  SYNLawn can save up to 70% on your water usage.  Saving water isn’t just great for the wallet, but also great for the state of California and the environment.

    To find out more give our office a call: 559.472.3454

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