Man cleaning leaves from artificial grassMany homeowners are choosing to install synthetic grass to enhance their Fresno homes because it is a low-maintenance landscaping option. Small amounts of upkeep are involved to keep your lawn looking its best, but maintenance is limited to occasional watering and brushing. This maintenance routine is eco-friendly and easy to complete with just a few minutes each week. Caring for your artificial lawn is easy! Here’s what you need to know.

Keep it Clean

Dust and debris, like leaves and branches, will collect on almost any outdoor surface. Just like you would with real grass, you’ll want to clear this from artificial grass as soon as possible. If left unattended, debris can clump together and give your lawn an unsightly appearance. Follow this with a quick spray from the hose to clear away any dust or dirt that have accumulated. A quick rinse will also help regulate the temperature of your lawn and prepare it for use.


SYNLawn’s synthetic fibers are stain-resistant, but accidents are bound to happen. If something is spilled or dropped on the lawn, it’s important to act quickly to rinse it off. If additional cleaning is required, the best procedure is to use a damp cloth with a small spot of gentle cleaner. Lightly pat down the surface of your lawn, taking special care not to pull up any of the grass fibers. Scrubbing or putting cleaner right on the lawn can soak into the deeper components of the turf and damage it.


Don’t Forget to Brush…Your Lawn

Synthetic grass is designed to look like real grass. Because it isn’t continuously growing, occasionally it will need your help. To make sure your lawn is always looking its best, we suggest brushing it with a stiff brush against the grain. Choose a wide-toothed plastic brush or soft bristle brush; never use wire. This doesn’t have to be done very frequently, unless it’s a high traffic area. For areas that see a lot of use, from either pets or children, brushing should happen more frequently.


Cleaning Animal Waste

Synthetic grass is not only preferred by pet owners; pets love it, too! It stays green year-round and is easy to clean, even after our pets have done their business. SYNLawn uses an installation process that allows for liquid waste to drain quickly and completely. Solid waste will need to be picked us as usual. A quick rinse will clear away any residue that is left behind, leaving your synthetic grass looking like new.


Synthetic grass is made to last for years to come, and with proper care it will last. Forget weekends spent mowing, setting sprinkler timers and trimming edges. With the installation of synthetic grass at your Fresno home, you can spend less time manicuring your lawn, and more time simply enjoying it. For a free quote from Fresno artificial lawn, contact us today.