Front yard of San Jose home with artificial grass installedWhen choosing landscaping materials for your San Jose home, there a few things to consider before beginning. In recent years, artificial grass has become a staple in drought-friendly landscaping designs, which are heavily favored by California residents who are affected by drought. Installing artificial grass can greatly benefit homeowners but choosing the right system for your needs can be tricky. Let the turf experts at SYNLawn of Central California help you make the right choice.

Heavy Traffic Areas

In areas of heavy traffic, pay special attention to the materials installed. All of our artificial grass systems are durable and offer support for day-to-day use, but we also offer systems that have higher durability. Whether it’s a dog run, a pathway or your patio, all areas of your landscape should stand the test of time. Our team will help assess your outdoor living area and determine if one of our high-traffic synthetic turf systems is right for your home.

Color and Texture Options

When it comes to color variations of our turf, some may not realize that all shades of green are not the same. We understand that there are geographical differences, set guidelines by HOA’s and even personal taste that all play into deciding on a lawn color. We combine different shades of green grass blades to create a beautiful appearance.  We also offer systems with various levels of tan thatch, which helps creates unique density and texture to meet your exact needs.

It’s important that everyone can use our artificial grass products, which is why we have systems that offer softer textures as well as some that offer more protection from falls and injuries. If you have children at home, we recommend our playground systems that are soft enough to be played on all day long but provide a comfortable place to land.

Industry Leading Drainage Rates

For pet owners, there is an entirely different aspect of landscaping that you have to consider when choosing an artificial grass system. Our environmentally-friendly backing allows for up to 45 inches of water to drain per hour. We decided to increase the drainage rate for our pet systems to allow for 90 inches of liquid to drain every hour. This industry-leading drainage rate keeps standing liquid off of your lawn to reduce odor and mess.

Low-Maintenance Required

When deciding whether or not to switch from natural sod to artificial grass, one of the first things to ask yourself is “do I really want to spend my weekends mowing the lawn?” If the answer is no, it’s time to make the switch to an environmentally friendly and easy to maintain option. There is absolutely no mowing, fertilizing, or watering necessary to keep your artificial grass lush and green all year long.

The best part of selecting an artificial grass system is that you don’t have to do it alone. Our experienced team is based in San Jose and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get a final product you’ll love. We offer a free on-site consultation to get a feel for your project, landscaping needs, and budget. To get started, contact us today.