Homeowners all over the Fresno area are installing synthetic grass, and not just because it looks nice. Sure, synthetic grass is green and lush, but there are far more benefits than aesthetics. Homeowners that are looking to add curb appeal and value to their home can do so in an environmentally-friendly way by adding SYNLawn Central California’s synthetic grass to their home.

Water Conservation

California recently experienced one of the worst droughts in history. For some counties, including Fresno County, this drought is still in effect. Water conservation is at an all-time high demand and residents know how important it is to be conscious of this. An average household can use up to 400 gallons of water every day and 29% of that is used outdoors tending to landscaping and lawns. If you’ve recently had synthetic grass installed at your Fresno home, you’re already doing your part to conserve water. Installing an artificial lawn is one of the best ways to conserve water, and can help cut your water bill by 60%. You can also help conserve water by doing things like stop running water when doing the dishes and brushing your teeth.


Gas Emissions

A well-manicured lawn takes a lot of work. Your front yard is the first thing neighbors and guests see, and your backyard is your own personal oasis. You could spend hours mowing your lawn and trimming the edges with weed whackers every weekend. Did you know that your lawn care has a huge environmental impact, especially if you’re using gas-powered tools? Gas-powered mowers put out a large amount of gas emissions, contributing to the global CO2 levels. Synthetic grass never has to be mowed, trimmed or tended to because it’s installed at the perfect height.


Chemicals and Pesticides

Maintaining real lawns require a lot of fertilizer and pesticides to keep a lawn looking lush and healthy. However, over half of these chemicals contribute to chemical runoff that can be very dangerous to animals and insects. Not only are these chemicals harmful to the environment, but they can also be dangerous for your family to come into contact with. For families with pets and children, playing on grass that was treated with chemicals and pesticides can be harmful to their health. You can get more out of your outdoor space by installing synthetic grass that will never need to be treated by these toxins.


Synthetic grass is often the first step suggested to homeowners that want to have less of a negative impact on the environment. Installing synthetic grass in Fresno can help conserve water and lessen your CO2 emissions as well as chemical runoff that contaminate water. For a free on-site consultation to discuss your space and needs, please contact us today.