Fall in California is a sweet spot when it comes to weather. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold –it’s just right. Take advantage of the crisp, cool breeze and your artificial grass and host an outdoor get-together. Gather all of your coziest blankets and lay them out on your turf so your guests can wrap up and enjoy the night.

Keep reading to learn how to host an autumn-inspired, backyard shindig on your artificial grass.

Make it a movie night

Set up a screen in your yard to play the classics for your gathering. Guests can sit back and relax on your artificial grass for the comfiest cinematic experience possible. Our grass comes with a layer of padding so your guests will be able to sit on it all night long without feeling any discomfort.


Make sure to set out some yummy treats for your guests. Pop some popcorn for the movie and have a hot cocoa jug out. Consider setting up a caramel apple station with toppings like nuts, coconut, sprinkles, etc. You can set up tables and chairs or try out a picnic style. If any food lands on your artificial grass, simply pick it right off or rinse away once your party is over. It’s that easy!


Games are a great way to liven up a get-together. Since football season is coming up, assemble teams for a game. Your turf can take it and remain intact even after some friendly competition. Synthetic turf handles trampling and heavy foot traffic exceptionally well.


Pumpkin mania is starting. Put out mini pumpkins in your yard for an obvious fall touch. Don’t be afraid to position some on your synthetic turf because our grass doesn’t crease or dent. Plaid tablecloths, patterned throw pillows, and potted plants will add charm and character to your yard.


Twinkly lights are the perfect addition to your backyard. For an extra touch of magic, hang lights off the movie screen and around your tables. They’ll illuminate the yard and make the evening last longer. Other lighting elements such as lanterns and fairy lights in mason jars will add design interest and an inviting glow to your space.

Embrace fall and throw the perfect outdoor get-together. Find out more about artificial grass installation in Fresno and call now for a free consultation.