Moms, you should be jumping for joy once you hear this.  A large number of schools and city playgrounds are utilizing artificial grass for their playground surface.

That means no more grass stains.

SYNLawn works wonders for playgrounds or any kid filled area for that matter.  City officials and school boards are turning to artificial grass for multiple reasons.  It’s clean, extremely durable, is designed to provide safety from falls of up to 10 feet, is ASTM certified and ADA compliant, 100% recyclable and the list goes on.

Now imagine this new playground surface in your own backyard.  Yes, it’s possible!


Wouldn’t it be great to welcome the kids in from the backyard and not worry about muddy shoes or trying to work out those stubborn grass stains.  And not to boast, but you would never have to worry about grass allergies again either.  It sounds like a dream, right?  I’ts not!  Your kids can run, jump, skip and fall all over SYNLawn as much as necessary without the mess of natural grass.

So mom, it is time to relax a little and spend less time worrying about the mess that the kids are bringing in.  Did I mention that dad can relax too?  No more watering, mowing, edging or fertilizing.  Ever.

To find out more about SYNLawn’s artificial grass for playgrounds and kid play surfaces click here!