Artificial grass is still very new to some people, but it has actually been around for quite some time.  40 plus years to be exact.  In its existence there have been many random and weird myths about it that can scare people off.

So, lets get to the bottom of it.

Myth #1: Artificial grass contains lead that will harm my children or pets.

First off, artificial grass is 100% safe.  With 40 years of history under EPA oversight and OSHA-regulated manufacturing, not one person has ever reported ill-effects related to any materials used in artificial grass.  Dr. David Black, a toxicologist at Aegis Sciences Corporation, and Dr. Davis Lee, a chemist from the Georgia Institute of Technology, issued a joint statement through the Synthetic Turf Council on April 21, 2008: “There is no scientific evidence of a health risk for children or adults based on recent test results and current knowledge of the chemical structure of aged synthetic turf products.”  In other words, artificial grass is completely safe.


Myth #2: Artificial grass has poor drainage.

Wrong.  All SYNLawn products have very high drainage rates – 30 inches per hour.  Our products may even drain better than that of natural grass.  This is why artificial grass works great in poor drainage areas.


Myth #3: Artificial grass looks fake.

Artificial grass is not what most people think.  It has come a long way from the old indoor/outdoor scratchy neon green carpet.  More than likely, you have driven by front yards or city medians and not realized that it was artificial.  With the soft feel and natural looking styles now, it’s hard to tell the difference between real and fake.


Myth #4: Artificial grass gets too hot.

Artificial grass does get warm in the hot summer heat, just like any other plastic product you have out in your yard.  The great thing about it, if you take a hose to it, it cools immediately.  Also, SYNLawn has the only product on the market that contains our exclusive HeatBlock technology, which keeps the product 20% cooler than any other artificial grass out on the market.


Myth #5: Artificial grass is maintenance free.

While artificial grass requires very little maintenance it cannot be considered 100% maintenance free.  You can easily clean your turf with a rake, blower, hose or even a shop vac.  You may need to periodically cross brush your turf.  The blades of turf may lay over in areas with high foot traffic.  Although artificial grass may require little maintenance, it’s no comparison to that of natural grass.


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