Have you been fighting to keep your lawn alive in the years-long California drought? Drought is a constant threat throughout California, including Fresno, and even one or two rainy seasons is not enough to spare homeowners the eventual browning of the landscape.

Artificial grass installation is an excellent way to prepare your Fresno home for drought. Installing synthetic turf saves time, money and especially water. It also keeps homes and neighborhoods looking beautiful while keeping harmful chemicals such as fertilizers and lawnmower exhaust out of the environment. Take a look at some of the benefits of installing an artificial lawn.

Conserves Water

 In a region as dry as Fresno, water conservation is important. A lawn of only 800 square feet can demand 44,000 gallons of water a year. With an artificial lawn, however, there is no need for sprinklers or irrigation systems to keep the lawn looking lush and green all year long.

Maintains a Beautiful Look

 There is something relaxing about looking at a beautiful lawn that no amount of landscaping with native plants or rocks can match. Artificial grass installation provides the opportunity to maintain that wonderful look without the cost or water waste that comes with the real thing. Synthetic turf is an especially good choice if you belong to an HOA that places restrictions on your home’s appearance.


 Think of all the money you spend on fertilizer, landscapers, pesticides, and replacing sod every season. All of those costs can add up quickly, even before you include the cost of the water pouring down the drain. Installing an artificial lawn in Fresno is extremely cost-effective, paying for itself season after season since those landscaping costs are no longer necessary.

Environmentally Friendly

 Even organic fertilizers pour potentially dangerous chemicals into the ground, while insecticides and weed killers also include hazardous chemicals that can leach into local groundwater. Artificial grass installations require none of these chemicals in order to remain lush, green and healthy all year long. In addition, synthetic turf does not require mowing, which mean no lawnmower exhaust being poured into their air.

Why not save time, money, effort, and — most important during a drought — water by installing an artificial lawn? Call SYNLawn today at (866) 775-5296 or contact us online for a FREE consultation!