Kids laying on artificial grass in Fresno, CaliforniaSummer is right around the corner and, for California residents and their families, this means plenty of time spent outdoors. Installing synthetic grass can help protect kids at your home, but there are other steps to take to make sure your kids are safe this summer when playing outdoors. Follow our tips to have a fun and safe summer.

Sun Protection

The number one concern for California parents is sun protection. It’s no secret that the summers are warm, but excessive sun exposure can be dangerous. Make sure your child has sunscreen applied every morning for 30 minutes before going outside to allow the sunscreen to soak in. Reapply the same amount every 2 hours after that.


Proper clothing can also protect your child’s sensitive skin from sun rays. Make sure your child is covered in lightweight clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible while remaining comfortable. Cotton clothing is cool and protective and does an excellent job preventing sun exposure.


Stay Hydrated

Water is essential during hot Fresno summers. Hydration keeps your body from overheating and prevents serious issues. Even if you aren’t participating in strenuous activity in the summer sun, make sure to bring ample water with you to keep children happy and safe. Don’t forget, summer activities can be draining for little ones; bring snacks as well.


Water Safety

It’s hard to imagine a day in California where a pool isn’t being used or a weekend trip to the beach isn’t in the future. Kids should practice safe habits in and around the water to build positive habits for the summers to come. If you have a pool in your backyard, it’s important to place a secure barrier around it to separate the pool area from the area where kids play. Our team of designers can work around existing landscaping features. We typically install synthetic grass in areas away from your pool to encourage children to play in designated spaces. Other water safety tips include:

  • Never leave children unsupervised in the pool
  • Enroll in swim lessons
  • Establish and enforce pool rules
  • Enroll in CPR classes to respond in case of emergency


Kid-Friendly Artificial Turf Systems

Fresno-area families love to gather in their outdoor living spaces to bond as a family. Whether you are hosting a big family gathering or simply spending your nights on your patio, you’ll want to create a space where your kids can run and play freely without fear of injuries. Synthetic grass can be installed in the backyard to create a safe place to land for your children. Fresno, CA synthetic grass systems are HIC tested to ensure they can withstand high impact play while still providing protection from injuries. The surface is soft and non-abrasive so your child’s skin won’t become irritated. Our artificial turf is non-allergenic and is protected from overheating during the hot summer days. Our turf is also dirt and mud free, so you don’t have to worry about a laundry catastrophe after a day spent outdoors.


Don’t stress this summer! Let your kids hit the pool, beach or even your own backyard in complete safety. For more information on our kid-friend artificial grass systems, visit our website. Start the installation process by requesting your free on-site consultation when you contact us today.