Happy family laying outside on their lawn.Did you know that installing an artificial grass landscape at your Fresno based home or business can help reduce your seasonal allergies? Spring may bring warmer weather and gorgeous flowers, but it also brings stuffy noses, scratchy throats and red, puffy eyes. Are you one of the millions of individuals that suffer from seasonal allergies? Pollen from grass can wreak havoc for people with allergies. In order to eliminate unnecessary allergens from your home or business, consider an artificial grass lawn. Then the kids can run, play and even roll around on your lawn without suffering from allergy symptoms.

Seasonal Allergies

Certain individuals have overreactive immune systems that interpret pollen from grass, plants and trees as enemy invaders (even though these pollen particles are harmless). The body reacts by defending itself, which means lots of sneezing, swollen sinuses and watery, itchy eyes for the person with allergies or hay fever (a very common form of seasonal allergies). Minimizing allergy-causing plants, such as grass, can greatly reduce your symptoms and allow you to enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer! Spend quality time with friends and family without the sniffles by installing artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California.

Low Maintenance

An artificial grass lawn can help greatly minimize your discomfort. Imagine not having to mow, fertilize or maintain a lawn that will only stir up an inflammatory response in your body. Our synthetic grass products can be customized to accommodate hypoallergenic, natural elements. We will create clean and crisp edges around trees and planting beds as well as hardscaping architectural elements. Your artificial grass lawn will save you time and money for years to come.

Environmentally Friendly

SYNLawn Fresno products are also a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for your home or business. We offer a soy-based EnviroLoc™ Backing System that is interlocked and multi-layer, which means less shedding and a more durable grass alternative. Soy is a renewable and sustainable resource that works well with our products. SYNLawn Central California is proudly committed to manufacturing products that are fully recyclable in order to protect our environment. An artificial lawn is especially valuable in California where it is a top priority to save water. Lower your carbon footprint and lessen your seasonal allergies with one project: an artificial grass lawn from SYNLawn Central California.

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