It is no secret that the state of California is in the midst of a potential water crisis. In fact, in October of 2013 the state released a 5-year “Water Action Plan” intended to avoid a statewide water supply crisis. Fresno residents live in one of the driest areas of a state that is already prone to droughts. On a personal level, there are things we can do to cut down our water consumption, and the installation of artificial grass at our homes is one of them. Synthetic grass requires no watering, affording you the opportunity to conserve thousand of gallons of water per year and, in the process, save by lowering your water bills considerably.

We know that people don’t install artificial strictly in order to conserve water, and that’s OK. Our customers want to own a lawn or putting green that maintains its perfect look and feel year-round, with no watering driving up their utility bills and no yard work consuming their free time. The ability to conserve water at a very significant level is an added bonus, and is one that benefits not only you on a micro level but also your community and state on a macro level.

Perhaps you’re all in on the idea of an artificial lawn and the opportunity to conserve water, but are concerned about the nature of today’s synthetic grass products. Let us assure you that the synthetic grass of today is so lifelike in look and feel that it makes even natural grass stand up and take notice! One of the best parts about a synthetic grass installation is that it requires virtually nothing from you other than your enjoyment, which is an easy job for our customers.

The water crisis in California isn’t going away anytime soon. While none of us can solve the issue on our own, we can make small changes in our own lives that allow us to do our part for the greater good. Let us show you how you can conserve water and save money while simultaneously upgrading your outdoor space!