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    track turf mat


    Designed for durability and safety TrackTurf ™ by SYNLawn is a non-infill turf with an energy-absorbing backing that reduces risk of injury to athletes during training.

    Product Description

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    TrackTurf by SYNLawn is the ideal synthetic surface for athletes in training for track and field, agility and cross training. Built to withstand vigorous workouts and absorb repeated impacts this artificial turf surface helps prevent common athletic injuries.

    Product Features

    • Lines are tufted into the turf, eliminating seams at critical stress points.
    • Able to withstand rigorous foot traffic and wear.
    • No infill for easy mainteance and clean-up.
    • Nylon root zone for durability and reduced resistance.
    • 5mm rubber padding absorbs impact energy.
    • 9-year manufacturer warranty.

    Custom Colors Available

    Contact your local SYNLawn representative for more information on how to order custom colors.

    Resiliency & Softness

    Foot Traffic & Resiliency




    Additional Information



    Face Weight

    Total Weight

    Yarn Type

    Pile Height

    Roll Width

    Drain Rate



    58 ounces

    123 ounces

    Grass Zone: Polyethelene // Thatch zone: Texturized Nylon

    1.0 inches

    12 feet

    > 30 inches per hour

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