Person spraying a garden hose outside in San Jose, CAIt’s no secret that California‘s drought affects everyone in the state. It’s vital that we work to conserve water all year long, but even more so during the summer. In these warmer months, we may find ourselves doing more laundry, taking more showers and watering our lawns far more often. At SYNLawn Central California, we’re dedicated to providing products that promote eco-friendly lifestyles and water-saving habits. We are proud to carry synthetic turf that allows San Jose residents to easily conserve water without a second thought. Installing drought-free landscape is only the first step. We encourage homeowners to take a look at how they use water during the summer and make adjustments to conserve as much water as possible.

Whether indoors or out, our water use can be examined and fine-tuned to save water and money. Check out these 10 tips that can help you conserve water this summer:


  1. Reduce your shower by one minute. Reduce your shower by one minute to save up to 150 gallons every month. You can also save water by installing low-flow shower heads. These shower heads can still provide quality water pressure without using as much water as a standard showerhead.


  1. Don’t let the sink in the bathroom run. If you’re brushing your teeth or shaving, running the faucet is unnecessary and can waste a large amount of water in seconds. Make sure you only run the sink when you need to or plug the drain and fill the sink to rinse your razor.


  1. Only do laundry when you have to. Unsurprisingly, your washing machine uses a lot of water. During the summer, we accumulate a lot of laundry, including beach towels and swimsuits. Instead of running a load of laundry half full, wait until you have a full load. You can also wash your dark items in cold water. Doing so saves water, energy and helps clothes retain their color.


  1. Hand wash dishes instead of running the dishwasher. Running your dishwasher requires a large amount of water and energy. Instead, fill on side of your sink with soapy water and the other with clean water. This way, you can rinse without having to run the sink unnecessarily.


  1. Repurpose water from the kitchen sink. Before you rinse your fresh produce, place a bucket in the sink to catch water. You can collect this water in a bucket and use it to water houseplants or do outdoor landscaping.


  1. Reduce electricity use. In most areas, people get their electricity from power companies that use hydroelectric and thermoelectric power. These facilities have a huge water footprint that translates to 39 gallons per person on a daily basis. By turning off lights when not in use, using power strips and purchasing energy efficient products, you can conserve energy and water.


  1. Monitor your monthly water bill. One of the biggest water wasters can happen without homeowners even knowing. Leaks can occur in pipes both in and around your home. If undetected, these leaks can cost you a lot of money. Watch for leaks by monitoring your monthly watering bill. If you see spikes in your bill, you could have a leak. Call a plumber immediately to find and repair it.


  1. Check your swimming pool. Homeowners with a pool should be very conscious about how water is used. First, make sure you have a secure pool cover to go over your pool while it is not in use. Uncovered swimming pools can lose hundreds of gallons of water from evaporation each month. Avoid heating your pool to reduce energy and evaporation.


  1. Choose drought-friendly landscaping. Do a little research before choosing landscaping elements. Native plants can survive with very little water, which helps you save water every month. Visit a local nursery to find drought-tolerant plants. When it is time to water, do it as early in the morning as possible to allow the water to actually soak in instead of evaporating.


  1. Install synthetic turf. San Jose residents should consider adding synthetic grass to their homes to save water all year long. Our turf has been designed to look and feel like real grass to keep up with the aesthetics of your home. You can conserve water and save hundreds of dollars every year by switching to turf.


This summer is the perfect time to save water in all areas of your life. To learn more about our environmentally-friendly synthetic grass, contact us today.