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    Commercial Artificial Grass

    Artificial Grass Turf for Your Place of Business in Fresno, CA

    SYNLawn® provides synthetic turf products for commercial customers as well. Our landscaping turf maintains a perfectly manicured look year-round and is built to withstand heavy foot traffic. What better surface for common areas and commercial landscapes? You’ll also find our artificial grass golf greens in office spaces, hotels, apartments, driving ranges and more.

    SYNLawn® synthetic grass offers a number of benefits including:

    • Provides a realistic alternative to natural grass
    • Easy to maintain
    • Drains at a rate of over 30L/hour
    • Up to 15 year warranty
    • Our grass is a biobased product
    • Significant savings on water bills and maintenance costs
    • Qualifies for water rebates and contributes toward LEED credits
    • CADdetails.com specification in all CAD formats
    • Maintain perfect look and feel in all climates
    • Meets and exceeds all safety standards

    Considering all of the above, SYNLawn® synthetic turf is a natural choice for your commercial landscaping project.

    Commercial Artificial Grass Products

    SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum

    SKU: SR200_Roof | Total Weight: 84 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
    SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum

    The clear choice for aesthetics and safety amongst architects, specifiers, and homeowners, SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum, is the ultimate in beauty and safety. The first Class 1 Fire-rated artificial grass not requiring infill by combining nylon fibers with our exclusive EnviroLoc™ backing and HeatBlock™ technologies for incredible durability and low surface temperatures. Widely used on urban rooftops, decks, patios and high foot traffic areas where weight and safety are concerns.

    SYNAugustine X47

    SKU: SAX47 | Total Weight: 126 oz | Warranty: 15 years
    SYNAugustine X47

    NEW! Representing the next generation of artificial grass technology, SYNAugustine X47 is destined for greatness. Mixing soft, yet dense Omega-shaped multi-colored grass blades in delustered olive, apple, and field green with thick beige thatch to create a gorgeous, unique variety of synthetic turf. Less sheen and stout in weight (126 oz) make this pound-for-pound one of the most significant grass upgrades ever!

    SYNBlue 949

    SKU: SB949 | Total Weight: 116 | Warranty: 15 years
    SYNBlue 949

    Bringing back an old favorite with a new twist, SYNLawn has gone and done it again with SYNBlue 949. This time we've taken realism to a new level by incorporating tan colored grass blades into the face yarn to create an unmatched natural aesthetic. At a full 2 inches high and 90 ounces this landscape turf variety is soft between your toes and surprisingly durable you won't believe your eyes (or feet).

    SYNRye 214

    SKU: SR214 | Total Weight: 86 oz. | Warranty: 15 years
    SYNRye 214

    Extreme reliability and performance are two of the outstanding traits for which SYNRye 214 has come to be known. A shorter pile height than SYNRye 200 but with all the same characteristics including vibrant field green and lime grass blades and dense tan thatch made of nylon for long-lasting beauty. This artificial grass is ideal for high foot traffic and works well for even the most demanding applications including rooftops, pet areas, playgrounds, golf fringe and chipping areas as well as any lawn and landscape application.

    SYNRye 214 Review

    Years ago I contemplated getting an artificial lawn, but they were so cheap looking and felt the same way. Now I own one and am the talk of the neighborhood. It cleans up quick and looks good year round. one of the better choices i made, and the installation went off without a hitch. it looks the same as the day it was installed.
    Author: Fishy

    We have had our product for about a year. It cleans up with water and we vacuum it often. The color is good, the feel great. We use it in 1/4 of a water conservative landscape and it is under our 'meditation' tent. We so totally love this product.
    Author: bakoparadise

    I purchase this approximately 4 months ago and the appearance of the grass looks so real and made a huge difference on my front yard.
    Author: Rudy26

    wanted yard with no maintenance. Synthetic lawn came out great. Looks awesome, clean looking. Bob Miranda explained everything well, and installation crew were professional and efficient.
    Author: johnotto

    Crew was great and explained care very well. wonderful job installing.
    Author: Anthony

    SYNZoysia X47

    SKU: SZX47 | Total Weight: 126 oz | Warranty: 15 years
    SYNZoysia X47

    At a whopping 100-ounce face weight, this artificial turf rises above the competition with unmatched durability and softness. Combining multi-color grass blades and dense thatch this grass sits at the top of its weight class. Upping the ante and all-in, SYNZoysia X47 is changing the game by offering unprecedented resiliency and softness in an artificial grass variety. Weighing in at a staggering 100-ounce face weight plus all the benefits and features of SYNLawn's premium turf offerings, this synthetic grass stands alone, unmatched and unrivaled. Recommended for lawn and landscape applications but also soft and durable enough to withstand the rigors of playground applications.

    SYNLawn 348

    SKU: SC348 | Total Weight: 106 oz | Warranty: 15 years
    SYNLawn 348

    Engineered with quality and value in mind, SYNLawn 348 carries all the allure and luxurious features of our premium artificial lawn and landscape grass offerings at a price you'll love. At a substantial 80-ounce face weight, this rising middle-weight star can contend with the best the competition can offer.