Dog Sitting on GrassLoving your pets means doing just about anything to keep them safe and happy. Making the choice to install artificial pet turf is one of the best ways for Fresno homeowners to keep pets healthy while maintaining the aesthetics of your home. Pets love artificial grass because it feels and acts just like the real thing.

Safe to Use

Keeping pets safe is the number one priority. That’s why we developed a pet system that is centered around your pet‘s needs. To ensure our artificial pet grass performs just like real grass, we use our patented HeatBlock™ Technology to keep the surface temperature of the grass as low as possible — even in direct sunlight. This means that even in the middle of a hot California summer, your pets can still go outside to play. Our artificial pet turf also naturally provides an environment that decreases the amount of pests that could harm your pets. Pests like ticks and fleas can’t survive on synthetic grass, so pet owners are seeing fewer instances of pest infestations overall.


Lawn Care and Maintenance

Maintaining a healthy lawn is difficult and time consuming, but it can be even harder for pet owners. Whether you have a pet that likes to dig holes or one that creates brown spots all over the grass, proper lawn care can seem impossible. Fortunately, our pet systems are built to withstand heavy use and deter even the most destructive of dogs. Using an installation upgrade, we can protect your lawn from dogs or rodents which might dig holes where they don’t belong.


As an added bonus, artificial grass allows you to say goodbye to the countless chemicals and long watering sessions. Installing artificial pet grass to replace natural grass turf means you’ll never have to worry about unnecessary yard maintenance again. Our synthetic materials stay green for years to come, no matter how often they are used.


Pet Waste

Pet waste has never been easier to clean, thanks to our premium pet grass. Our products feature a drainage rate of up to 90 inches an hour. This eliminates standing liquids and puddles after rain, ensuring your pup the freedom to play outside no matter what. Our Pet System also eliminates odors so the rest of the family can enjoy time outside as well. You can also add organic Zeolite crystals to reduce 80% of odors without clogging drains.


To clean up after your pet, pick up solid waste just as you normally would. A quick rinse with a hose can remove any residue left behind by liquid waste.


Your pets are going to love using our artificial pet turf and you’ll find it easier to maintain than real grass. We install our Pet System for pets of all breeds and can customize your turf to fit any space you have available. Contact us today for a free quote.