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    Backyard makeover!

    KMJ 580 listeners, listen up!  Starting today, Monday May 12th, KMJ will begin their new Phrase That Pays contest.  This isn’t just any ole’ contest with an “ok” prize.  You could have the chance to win a total backyard makeover!

    SYNLawn along with other local landscapers and outdoor product vendors have teamed up to create an awesome backyard makeover, totaling over $24,000!

    The total prize includes the following.

    Installation of your very own SYNLawn artificial grass, landscape design and expertise by Lennie Slaughter Landscaping, a beautiful 6’ BBQ island from Homecrafters, concrete work by the very talented Blue Rock Concrete, trees and plants by Willow Gardens Nursery, and two 6’ sitting walls by Bloom Masonry.  You couldn’t ask for a better prize or a better group of local businesses to work with.

    The contest runs from May 12th – July 3rd, 2014.  Listen into KMJ 580 weekdays at 9:20am, 10:20am and 11:20am for the “word of the hour”.  Gather each word given and at 11:45am each morning, call KMJ at 855.422.7458.  Caller #10 will be given the opportunity to correctly identify that day’s “Phrase That Pays”.  Each daily winner will win a $90 Texas Roadhouse gift certificate and be entered into the grand prize, The Backyard Makeover, drawing.  You can go to KMJ 580 website to get all of the rules and details.

    We are all so very excited to be able to do this for the community!  Nothing better than to give back to a community that has been so good to us.  Listen into KMJ 580 for your chance to win.  Good luck.

    SYNLawn of Central California: 559.472.3454



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    Saving water one SYNLawn at a time.

    It’s no surprise that by installing SYNLawn will save you water, but you do not have to stop there.  While going through a major water crisis we, as a community, really need to step up and do our part.  Did you know that installing a SYNLawn in your yard could save you up to 70% on your water usage?  Crazy, right?


    Review these additional helpful water saving tips and try to use them in your daily routine.  Every drip counts.

     Inside the home:

    1. Use your dishwater, rather than hand washing dishes.  Buying an energy efficient dishwasher saves additional water and energy.
    2. Cook your food in as least amount of water as possible.  This will also keep additional nutrients in your food.
    3. Use the garbage disposal sparingly.  Attempt to empty leftover food into the trash, instead of the disposal.
    4. Wash your dark color clothes in cold water.  This saves water as well as retaining the color of your clothes.
    5. Shorten your shower by just one minute.  This could save up to 150 gallons per month.
    6. OR keep your shower under 5 minutes and you can save 1,000 gallons per month.
    7. Upgrade your older toilets to WaterSense labeled models.
    8. Save up to 4 gallons a minute just by turning off the water while you brush your teeth.
    9. Avoid children’s recreational toys with continual water use.
    10. Reuse towels.

    Outside the home:

    1. Plant in the spring or fall.
    2. Consider xeriscaping.
    3. Leave low hanging branches.  This will allow for leaf litter and keep the soil cooler.  Requiring less water for the surrounding plants.
    4. Use a layer of mulch to prevent weeds, which compete for water.  This also keeps the soil cooler.
    5. Collect roof water runoff and direct towards flowerbeds.
    6. Don’t leave a running hose.  This can save up to 10 gallons per minute.
    7. Eliminate or minimize waterfalls or water features within swimming pools.  Aeration creates more evaporation.
    8. Use drip irrigation.
    9. Pruning properly can help your plants use water more efficiently.

    Just by using a few of these techniques can really help you water usage and help the overall water crisis.  For more information on saving water call our office 559.472.3454.



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    Perfect Your Golf Game in Your Own Backyard

    Are you trying to perfect that golf game?  Need some work on your short game?  Did you know that you could make that possible by having your very own putting green in your backyard?  No joke.


    Whether you need to improve your putting game for the actual course or would just enjoy a friendly game with a beer and a friend.  Either way SYNLawn can make that happen.  Talk about a cool entertaining area for your family and friends.  SYNLawn putting greens are the perfect asset to any entertainer’s backyard.  A putting green will go perfectly with the outdoor kitchen and pool.

    Now, for those avid golfers.  A SYNLawn putting green is not just any other artificial grass putting green.  Each of our putting greens is 100% custom to each individual customer.  We work hand in hand with you to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want.  Whether your focused on the green speed, putting performance, chipping performance or whatever it might be we will design the putting green to your detailed specifications.  Want help with getting out of those pesky bunkers?  We can build one for you to work on. One tier, two tiers, you name we can do it.


    SYNLawn has partnered with noted golf instructor and short game guru Dave Pelz, founder of the Pelz Golf Institute in Austin, Texas. A former NASA physicist, Dave Pelz has worked with us to engineer outstanding synthetic grass products that not only look and feel real, but also perform like natural golf surfaces.  Built to perform as close to natural grass as possible for true ball-roll and pro performance for putting greens, fairways, roughs, fringes and tee-lines.

    IMG_8375---Version-2    lag-putts-putting-instruction

    SYNLawn also offers Dave Pelz Elements of Practice.  We can build a putting green to help you with your specific problem area with game techniques proven to be the fastest way to lower your handicap.  Short putts, mid-range putts, lag putts, breaking putts… you choose.  You have a choice of 10 different Dave Pelz Elements of Practice.

    I’m telling you, the possibilities are endless.  Call us today to schedule your personalized quote.  559.472.3454

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    Why SYNLawn?

    Why SYNLawn?  That is a really great question.

    With California’s drought and the push to save water, artificial grass is becoming a not so crazy idea for homeowners.  With that said, artificial grass companies are popping up all over.  So which company to choose and why?  We tell all of our customers “do your research”!  We want you to be 100% confident in your choice with SYNLawn.  If you are looking for a good quality, USA made product and an installation that you will be proud to display, SYNLawn is your choice.

    SYNLawn is the largest manufacturer and installer of synthetic landscape grass and putting surfaces in North America.  With over 40 years experience we are the leading innovators in the artificial grass industry.  From our HeatBlock™ Technology, BioCel™ Urethane Coating to our use of ZeoFill, SYNLawn is leading this industry with the latest innovations.  SYNLawn carries the most varieties of grass with the most options specifically designed, engineered, and manufactured for different applications.

    SYNLawn’s mission is to lead the artificial grass industry through advanced synthetic lawn innovation while reducing environmental carbon footprints and fostering a culture of customer service excellence. Focusing on each component during manufacturing, SYNLawn ensures the highest level of quality of artificial grass products combined with expertise in landscape design and installation fostering a culture of customer service excellence.

    Locally, we strive to make sure that each of our customers is 100% happy with their choice in SYNLawn.  While being family owned and operated our number one priority is customer service.  From your fist phone call to the actual install of your new SYNLawn, we want you to feel confident that you chose the right company to handle your artificial grass needs.  We welcome your curious questions and are more than happy to help you understand this new thing called SYNLawn.

    Call our office to find out more about why SYNLawn is your choice in artificial grass 559.472.3454

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    DIY – Artificial Grass

    Yard Crashers, DIY Weekend, Desperate Landscapes… you’ve heard or seen them all.  Well now you too can be apart of the DIY phenomenon.  Did you know that you can install artificial grass yourself?

    It’s true.  You can.

    Not only can you get your hands dirty and feel the accomplishment that you, yourself, made a huge contribution to beautifying your yard… you are saving water and being environmentally friendly all at the same time.

    Here’s how you do it:

    1. Excavate out the existing grass/dirt down about 3” below the cement line or subgrade.
    2. Cap off all of the existing sprinklers that will be underneath the artificial grass.  Make sure that you pull drip lines to surrounding plants/trees that would be effected by the capping of the sprinklers
    3. Lay down a geotextile weed fabric.
    4. Lay about a 2-3” base of a Class II base rock and decomposed granite.
    5. Grade and compact the area.
    6. Lay out the artificial grass and cut to the desired shape.  This can be done with a back cutter or even a simple box knife.
    7. Use seaming cloth and XGS turf adhesive to secure down all seams.
    8. Secure the material down with 6” galvanized nails every 4-6” around the perimeter and up and down any seams.
    9. Power broom or brush up the turf using a hard bristle push broom to get the blades of the artificial grass to stand up properly.

    and Voila, you’ve got beautiful green grass year round.

    So the big question now.  Where do I get all of the stuff?  Here, at SYNLawn, is your answer.

    We carry most all of the products and accessories that you need to install your very own artificial grass. The only material that we do not carry is the base rock and decomposed granite.  We work with many rockeries in Central California and can point you in the right direction.  We carry many of our artificial grass products in stock, so you could be installing your new SYNLawn this weekend!

    Call our office to get started. 559.472.3454

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    With California’s devastating drought, we have seen a huge increase in interest in artificial grass.  The artificial grass industry is booming to say the least.  People who thought they’d never install “fake grass” in their yards are coming in asking all sorts of questions.

    Let’s get right down to it to answer a few of those questions.

    Q: Do you have to mow it?  Believe it or not this is asked A LOT.                                                        A: Simple. No.

    Q: How long does it last?                                                                                                                             A: Depends on the installation.  Front yard applications can last 18 plus years.  Backyards, with more foot traffic, should last anywhere between 15-18 years.

    Q: What happens when my pet pees or poops on it?                                                                            A: The pet’s urine will drain right through and not discolor or damage the turf what so ever.  In regards to poop, just pick it up as you normally would and hose it off if anything is left behind.

    Q: Is it safe for my kids?                                                                                                                               A: Yes, probably more so than your natural grass.  No more grass allergies AND adding SYNLawn to a play area actually can create a safety fall area that has been tested for up to 10′ fall heights.

    Q: Can it be installed around trees, rocks or an existing landscape?                                                  A: Yes, of course.  Artificial grass looks best in a natural landscape.  We also recommend adding undulation to the lawn area.  Artificial grass looks much more realistic with some natural undulation, rather than a flat surface.

    Q: What separates SYNLawn from any other artificial grass company?                                             A: SYNLawn is the manufacturer, we are the largest and only 100% integrated manufacturer in the United States.  Which means we do everything in house from the manufacturing to the sales to the installation and to the warranty.  Being the manufacturer, we carry over 25 different lines of product, so we carry any product that any other company has, but we carry products that are years ahead of other companies from a technology stand point.

    Q: Where is SYNLawn made?                                                                                                                      A: SYNLawn is proudly made 100% in the USA!


    If you have any other questions, we are more than happy to answer them for you!  Call our office at 559.472.3454 OR stop by our showroom.

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    Xeriscaping… the thing to do

    Xeriscaping.  I know what you’re thinking a yard full of rock and cactus, right?  The thing is it doesn’t have to be that way.  Especially with this extreme drought we are having in California, we all need to start thinking about saving water anyway we can.

    Did you know that up to 70% of your water usage is used on your outdoor irrigation? Crazy, I know.


    Obviously by replacing your natural grass with SYNLawn will save you a ton of water, but you don’t have to stop there.  There are many different varieties of succulents that are beautiful.  These are perfect for California’s heat and dry climate, requiring very little water and upkeep.

    If succulents aren’t your ideal go to plant.   There are many other flowers and plants that can survive on minimal water.  Bougainvillea, Lavender, California Poppy and Oleander are just a few that are low maintenance, water friendly and beautiful.


    Xeriscaping isn’t just about what you plant, it has a lot to do with how you plant.  Low pressure watering systems are key.  We encourage our customers to switch to an all drip system.  This will help with unneeded overspray.  A thick layer of mulch is also beneficial.  This will prevent moisture from evaporating, while also shading the soil.  Fall is the optimal time to plant your xeriscaping landscape.

    Call our office today to find how you can save water without comprising the look of your yard.  559.472.3454 or stop by our showroom.

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    Fido’s new best friend

    555813_563844073626111_1572062946_n  1272711_674061959270988_1852149211_o

    Which would you prefer?

    Yellow spots in your yard, random holes, muddy paws… let me guess, you have a dog?  Are you tired of having to wipe your pup’s paws every time they walk back in the house or fertilizing the lawn over and over trying to get rid of the yellow spots?

    If so, you need to listen up!  SYNLawn can make all of your outdoor puppy troubles go away!  Just by replacing your natural grass with SYNLawn can rid you of ever having to worry about these problems again.

    Your pets stay clean. Rain or shine your grass will not turn into your pup’s new mud bath.  Your pet stays healthy.  SYNLawn is uninhabitable for tics, fleas and other bugs.  Meaning, your pet stays clean and healthy, free of pests and the diseases they carry.

    I know your probably thinking, well can my dog go to the bathroom on it?  The answer is yes.  Your dog should use SYNLawn  just as he/she normally would.  Their urine will not discolor or stain the grass and their waste is easier than ever to pick up.  In all SYNLawn pet installations we use a product called ZeoFill, which is turf infill for pet odor control.  ZeoFill is an amazing product.  The ZeoFill encapsulates your dog’s urine and prevents it from turning into a gas.  You won’t ever have to worry about your SYNLawn smelling of urine.

    SYNLawn offers a large variety of products that work great for pet areas.  Large dog, small dog and anything in between.  Click here to see our pet friendly products or call our office. 559.472.3454

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    So many choices…

    Oh well hello, welcome to SYNLawn.  We offer over 20 different lines of product, eight different styles, multiple face weights, different pile heights, premium, platinum, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene…

    Confused yet?

    I know, all of the options and weird terminology can be overwhelming, let alone the idea of putting artificial grass in your yard sounds almost crazy.  Well, Im here to reassure you that all of these products are designed specifically for you and whatever type of application you wish to use it for.  Landscape, playground, putting green, dog run, rooftop or even specialty event uses are all possible.  There is a specific turf out there just calling your name!

    Let me try to put everything in layman terms.

    Face Weight –

    Simple Definition:  How much the yarn weighs per square yard, not  including  the backing of the turf.

    Why is this important?  This is the indicator of how dense a product is.  To simplify it, if you have an area that is going to get a lot of use, or in other words, a lot of foot traffic you would want a product with a heavier faceweight.


    Pile Height –

    Simple Definition:  The length of each individual blade of grass.

    Why is this important?  If you like more of a Fescue look then you would want to choose a longer pile height.  If you like the real manicured Bermuda looking grass then you would choose a shorter pile height.


    Nylon Products –

    Simple Definition:  Products made with 100% nylon fibers, extremely durable.

    Why is this important?  Our nylon products are great for commercial areas or areas that are going to see a lot of wear and tear.  These are not our most popular products with residential landscaping, but are perfect for commercial applications.


    Polyethylene/Polypropylene Products –

    Simple Definition:  Products made with a polyethylene and polypropylene combo.

    Why is this important?  These products are our most popular, by far.  These are our most natural looking and work great for most front and backyards.


    Rubber Infill –

    Simple Definition:  Ground up rubber crumb that is used in some products to keep the blades standing up properly.

    Why is this important?  It actually shouldn’t be.  Most of SYNLawn products do not require any type of rubber infill anymore.  It’s somewhat of a “thing of the past” for residential use.  Without the use of rubber infill the product and surrounding area is much cleaner and easier to maintain.


    Zeofill –

    Simple Definition:  Product used on top of artificial grass to prevent/control pet odor.  Looks like a heavy granulated sand.

    Why is this important?  If you have a dog then this is very important.  With any pet application we recommend using this product.  It will keep your artificial grass odor free.


    Okay, well I’m sure there is a lot more to learn, but this can be a start.  To get more information quickly, give us a call at 559-472-3454 or click here

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    Unusual Applications and Unlimited Possibilities

    Did you know that not only are they making cars that run without gas, phones that can pretty much do everything for you, computers that fit in the palm of your hand and drones that deliver packages, but they are making grass that doesn’t need to be watered or mowed and can be used in almost any application?

    I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty amazing!

    Thankfully SYNLawn is here to supply you with the green grass that you thought you’d never be able to grow.  SYNLawn isn’t just for your everyday front and backyards you see.  Driveways, patios, rooftops, playgrounds, event flooring, window displays, wall décor, movie sets, tabletop décor…  the list goes on.

    Ever thought of using artificial grass as a table runner for your Easter/Spring table?

    How about your storefront’s window display or a school project?

    SYNLawn can be used almost anywhere.  Artificial grass is an easy solution for in between pavers for your driveway or patio.  Rooftops can be an eyesore, but not when you have green all year SYNLawn.  You can easily change a plain boring patio into an oasis just by adding some pots, plants and of course SYNLawn.

    Chess anyone?


    The possibilities and your ideas are endless.

    Call SYNLawn today to find out more and to help create your next project at 559.472.3454 or go to our website.

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