Summers in California are great for so many reasons. The weather is perfect for grilling juicy steaks, sipping ice-cold lemonade and roasting marshmallows out on your lawn. The one thing that could possibly ruin your Summer? Bugs. Natural grass attracts pests while our artificial grass deflects them.
Bugs love to munch on your grass blades and leave your lawn looking patchy and dead. A simple way to remedy this: SynLawn artificial grass installation. Avoid a constant cycle of lawn repair and frustration by installing a beautiful, emerald green lawn that requires little to no maintenance and won’t leave a “welcome sign” out for those pesky visitors.

Removes unnecessary clutter

When piles of branches or leaves are building up in your yard, pests are likely to make them a nesting place. Since artificial grass doesn’t require any upkeep, taking care of this chore suddenly seems quick and easy. Just blow away any debris from your trees and call it a day. Your lawn will be inhospitable for pests and that is the goal.

No chemicals required

The only way to repel bugs from your natural lawn is by using dangerous pesticides. You’ll also be using herbicides to nix any weeds growing in your yard. It’s no secret that these products containing toxic chemicals pose huge health risks to your family and your pets. SynLawn artificial grass does not require any type of spray to keep the bugs away. Our turf is entirely free of toxins and allergens.

Moisture control

Natural grass retains moisture, especially lawns close to beaches in California. Moisture attracts pests and fosters mold and mildew which can cause bad allergies for your family. Our artificial grass drainage technology ensures that any moisture disappears quickly from your lawn. Our system drains water at a rate of 90-inches per hour.

Eliminate bugs, and have more fun

Why have to worry about pest control when you could be enjoying the season in your California yard? Play fetch with your pup or plan a BBQ for your closest friends without the nuisance of unwanted bugs. Maybe install one of our state-of-the-art artificial putting greens to make your Summer even better.

Getting rid of pests is one of the many reasons to choose SynLawn artificial grass. Our products are environmentally friendly, well-made, and will make your life a whole lot easier! Contact us today for a consultation!